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5 Innovations in Business Website Design

Modern companies cannot survive without a strong online presence – and this is even more true in today’s society. Commercial businesses were some of the earliest adopters of the internet, but commercial web design has come a long way since the simplistic and awkward web 1.0 sites that kicked everything off. Here are five important and recent innovations in business website design.

Web Applications

Web applications – apps that run on a website as opposed to on the hardware of a user – have long been a part of commercial website design. Adoption of web applications has been increasing as business owners recognize the importance of giving consumers a unique experience across platforms. A good web application development team like Make IT Simple can develop and integrate unique application-based capabilities for companies on a bespoke basis. Alternatively, there are plenty of ‘off the shelf’ web applications that companies can license and use on their sites.

Dynamic Design

A great many websites are a little too static to keep the attention of consumers visiting them. Dynamic web design involves the creation of sites that interact with a user as they browse. One of the most common ways of implementing this principle is to integrate basic animation or layer animation into the website so that scrolling produces a more three-dimensional feeling of movement.


Businesses are always looking for new ways to engage consumers in conversation. Likewise, consumers need their questions answered as efficiently as possible. Chatbots have been adopted in pursual of both aims by many companies in recent years. A good chatbot will be able to solve and escalate consumer issues, harvest data and allow companies to make the most out of the staff that they have on hand. Although chatbots have been included in many commercial websites in recent years, some customers object to automatic chatbot popups that damage the user experience.

Memphis Design

Older readers might recognize Memphis design as a hallmark of 1980s graphic design. Started by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass in the early 1980s, Memphis was a breath of fresh air.  Using colorful contrasting shapes and bold text, this kind of design was once a popular starting point for interior creators. Memphis design was shunned throughout the 2010s due to being somewhat gaudy and maximalist. It is, however, making a big comeback as a web design style in the 2020s. Zesty and enticing, this kind of design captures and keeps attention well. Memphis design is a direct answer to the sea of somewhat boring minimalist designs that have dominated the internet in recent years. If you want a website that stands out from the crowd and sticks in the memory of a visitor, consider Memphis inspired design.

Mobile Optimization

A huge quantity of web traffic comes from users who are surfing on mobile devices. Most commercial websites are now fully scalable and optimized for mobile use. Mobile optimized websites need to have a relatively simple and text light design that allows for coherent use on a small screen.

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