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A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are widely used in the warehouse industry, and the hazardous event of a forklift backing into a pallet rack is quite common. Hence, instead of creating a situation that causes cleaning up a big mess, it’s always a wise idea to act protective and install pallet rack protectors. Below are the most popular rack protection available in today’s market.

Rack-mounted guard

It’s a heavy-duty protector that comes with an easy installation attribute. Individuals can install a rack-mounted guard around an extensive variety of rack sizes. These guards are typically made up of polyethylene. In addition, they meet the impact standards of the BSEN 15512 – 2009.

Rack end protector

These are designed to prevent the crashing of the pallet racking. These usually fasten fifty-five pounds of flexible steel with ten-inch steel anchors to the floor. These rack end protectors are known for their exceptional ability to take the brunt of direct hits.

Shock absorbing protectors

These pallet rack protectors come with a rubber core that helps to deflect impacts from pallet jacks and forklifts. The unique electroplated zinc finish makes this protector commendable corrosion preventive.

Causes of pallet racking collapse

Understanding the significance of using pallet racking protectors requires an in-depth knowledge of the causes of system failure. Below are the most common causes of pallet racking collapse.

Vehicles like forklifts may collide with the pallet racking when the operator doesn’t act carefully. Apart from that, misjudging the distance between the vehicle and the racking may also lead to a devastating collision, leading to tremendous rack fall.

Weak construction

Pallet rackings are required to be designed as per the standards of Pallet Racking Standard AS4084-2012. In case the material and the products fail to meet these standards, they hold inherent structural flaws, which can later lead to the falling of the pallet. Due to this reason, it’s more than important to ensure that the pallet is professionally built and meets all the respective industry standards.

Problematic system base

The stability of the structures of the entire pallet racking depends on its base. In such scenarios, where the floor beneath the structure remains uneven, it can become unbalanced. Over time it may lead to the fall of the racking.

These are the most common causes of pallet racking collapses, and they necessitate the use of good pallet rack protectors. Here is how the pallet racking protectors work.

Racking protectors offer safety in the following ways

  1. The rack end protectors prevent forklifts from getting too close to the rack.
  2. Column guards render support and stability to the rack, omitting the chances of collision damage.
  3. The support bars help in spreading the load from the pallet. Apart from holding great load-bearing capacity, support bars also offer protection to the smaller pallets and prevent them from dislodging.


Considering the benefits racking protectors offer, individuals should opt to install them in the warehouse at the earliest. They also help to reduce the facility maintenance cost and increase the workers’ safety.

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