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Dropshipping Concept Beginners Need To Understand Before They Launch 

In the retail industry, dropshipping is a concept that allows selling products without any need to physically purchase them. A customer buys the product from your online retail shop, while a dropshipping supplier like fulfills the order from their warehouse. Your order gets shipped directly to your customer.

In general, a dropshipping business method is inclined towards products with low-profits. In short, you act as a middleman between the customer and the dropshipper. You get an opportunity to use multiple platforms including your personal e-commerce site along with Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

How dropshipping works?

The products you display on your eCommerce website get sourced from dropshipping suppliers. You can source items ranging from home décor and sporting equipment to gadgets and electronics. You get product photos, specifications, and wholesale price details from the supplier.

When a buyer places an order on your website, it automatically gets routed to dropshipper. The items then get packed and shipped with your label. It means you are the source of the product customer gets delivered on their doorstep. Dropshipping method means eCommerce website owner is not liable for managing inventory or shipping.

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Dropshipping supplier types

  • Wholesale
  • Liquidation
  • Retail business

The former two offer the best price. All wholesalers don’t offer dropshipping, so look for the one that offers dropshipping services. Retail businesses advertising as dropshipping suppliers are middlemen on the lookout to earn funds based on Dropshipping Company’s popularity.

You can detect middleman businesses in the following way –

  • A legitimate wholesaler will not ask for recurring fees.
  • An authentic wholesaler will need its customer to open a business account to attain discounts for bulk purchases. They will never sell products directly to the general public.

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