Why it Makes Sense to Use Professional Business Proposal Templates

If you run a service-based business, presenting your bid is a critical link in the chain to success. When a client asks for bids on a contract, he or she will be looking at more than just the price. The way you present your proposal counts for a lot, and by taking advantage of professionally designed business proposal templates, your company will stand out from the crowd.

Done Designs

Using a state-of-the-art business proposal template, creating a dynamic presentation couldn’t be easier. Hi-res images and video can easily be inserted, as can a web page, and with drag and drop capabilities, you don’t need to be a tech wiz to use the application. The wide range of basic designs offer you many options, and there’s something suitable for every industry, from oil field exploration to the mobile hairdresser.

Online Solutions

Using a cloud-based application, an International team can collaborate using this technology, and even of the team is scatted across the globe, real time communications and file edits ensure that everyone can contribute and most importantly, everyone is on the same page. Remotely located sales staff can really benefit from such a level of communication and any rep in the field can instantly bring up a customer’s history at the touch of a button. Authorised users can access the necessary levels, which ensures that things can be on a need to know basis.


The software developers have many clients, which allows individual pricing to be very reasonable, and if you would like to try out the application, an online search is all it takes to hook up with a provider. The easy to use interface empowers the user, and once you are a client, there are many extra benefits up for grabs. When you consider what’s at stake, having use of such a powerful presentation application is value for money, and the potential benefits are huge.

Get the Edge Over the Competition

Professional business proposals will make your clients raise their eyebrows – Attention to detail is everything in business and by using top quality templates that are designed to impress, your clients will take you seriously. When a client is looking to outsource, they rate the bidding contractors in many ways, and presentation figures highly. Presenting your proposal in a professional manner could be the difference between success and failure, and by using a powerful cloud-based platform, you are sending out the right message. High resolution images, charts and graphs, 4k video and website inclusion allow you to put together something special that ticks all of the boxes, which should be reflected in your closing stats.

If you would like to explore the latest business proposal templates, an online search will take you to an established developer, and with their help, you can create professional presentations as easily as putting together a PowerPoint slideshow. Take the first steps to improving your conversions by forging an alliance with a leading template provider.