Giving Shirts for Advertising is Expensive, but Worth It

As you contemplate your next advertising strategy, you might have your attention on freebies. People love receiving something for free especially during the holidays. When people spend a lot for others, it feels terrible if no one gives anything back to them. Therefore, receiving items from your business will put a smile on their faces this holiday season.

If you are thinking of the best freebies, you need to consider personalised garment printing. It is an effective strategy that companies have used and are still using now. You can print the name and logo of your company on the shirts. When people who receive the shirts go to different places, they carry with them the name of your company. Hence, they are your walking models who offer advertising services for free. If you give several shirts, you will increase the chances of people getting exposed to your brand.

Expression of gratitude

Let’s forget for a while that you are giving these shirts for advertising. Even if the recipient opts not to wear the shirt, it is still a useful strategy. The person will remain loyal to your brand because of your gesture. It is your way of saying thank you for their loyalty. Most customers feel like companies are only after their money. When you give something to them without expecting anything in return, they will feel enticed to patronise your products.

Long lasting

People who receive the shirts will wear them several times during the year. If you chose quality materials for the shirt, you can expect the shirts to last longer. Even if the person who received it already grew out of it, they can still pass it on to another person who will continue wearing the shirt. For small businesses, it is a good idea since you are targeting local audiences. You don’t need to invest in national television ads. You can focus on advertisements that cater to the people who could potentially buy your products.

Buy in bulk

If you already comprehend the value of using shirts, but you worry that you will need to spend a lot of money, you need to realise that you can find the right shirt printing company where you can order in bulk. If you buy the shirts individually, you will find it expensive. However, if you decide to order a lot at once, the cost per shirt might go down by up to 50%. You need to be smart in determining the number of shirts to receive a discount from the printing company. It also depends on the colours and style you choose.

Given these reasons, it is best for you to spend your money on shirts that are useful for advertising. You can hand them out to your target audience and people who have been loyal to you through the years. Start now by thinking of the right design for the shirt and identifying the strategies for giving the shirts.