Crucial Job Interview Questions to Ask an Applicant and the Reasons for Doing It

After having a short list of the candidates you want to fill a job, the next step is to call them for an interview. You only include those who deserve to pass to the next stage of the process. You interview candidates to confirm what they wrote on their resumes and find out if they have the right personality to do the job. During the interview, you need to select the most appropriate questions to determine if the applicant is suitable to fill the position.

Can you tell me something surprising about yourself?

It is your chance to ask the candidate something that you will otherwise not know if you only look at the resume and ask standard interview questions. If the applicant shares something exciting and unexpected, it reveals an interesting character. However, if the person does not share anything interesting, you might be looking at someone who is too dull to do the job.

What do you want to change in your past?

The question provides an opportunity to identify one’s regrets in life. It also shows which aspect the person finds regrettable along with the fundamental values learned from the experience. You will even know who feels confident enough to not change anything from their past at all.

What was your most challenging working relationship?

Asking this question allows you to know a lot about the person. First, you will know if there was a problematic relationship working with another person in the past. You will also see how the person handled the situation. Most of all, you will know how much the person is willing to talk about the said experience, as some details need to remain confidential to show respect to previous employees.

What is your biggest success story?

The question tells you two important things. The first one is if the person considers a previous experience a success story. Not having one may raise a red flag. It tells you that the person either has a high standard of success or nothing to be proud of at all. The second one is if the person has already reached a significant level of success in life. They might not feel motivated to do anything great anymore if they are at their peak, and they can’t do any better.

What is your biggest failure?

The question will not necessarily merit the most honest answer, but you need to ask it anyway. At least, you will know what the person considers a failure, and why. For this question, you can’t only base your decision on the level of honesty. You need to check the answer, as a major failure could be a significant risk.

Asking these questions will help you find the best candidate to fill out a position in your company. However, if you don’t want to waste time going through the complicated process of hiring someone to do the job, you can ask a recruitment agency like Devonshire Digital Recruitment to help you. With such agencies, you don’t need to worry about recruitment anymore along with all the stages involved in hiring, since they will be the ones to do the process.