Office Areas That Need a Refurbishment

If you’re like most business owners, you probably haven’t really looked over your office and made any major changes in years. You probably replace furniture as it wears out, but how many times have you actually stopped and thought about ways to make an area look better or considered if a space could be used more efficiently? If the answer is never, now may be the best time to think about doing an office refurbishment. Here are some areas you may think about transforming with new furniture or décor.

Your Reception Area

This is the first part of your office that your clients and business partners see, so you want it to look incredible. The biggest change you can make is adding a new reception desk. This desk is the focus of the room, and putting in something new is sure to draw the eye and get compliments, especially if your old desk was rather old and unimpressive. You may also want to replace your waiting room furniture with something more comfortable or with something done in a colour that matches the new desk. Adding a new rug can also transform the area. You don’t have to change everything. Your end tables, wall décor, and plants, for example, may just need to be rearranged a bit.

Your Kitchen or Break Room

While your customers won’t see these parts of your office, your employees use them every day, and they may be tired of using the same old appliances or sitting in the same old uncomfortable chairs around the same small table. By working with a company that specialises in Next Gen Office fitout in Melbourne, you can give employees a brand new break area that will improve morale and make the business look that much better to any guest who does see this part of your office.

Office Areas That Need a Refurbishment1

Change Your Interior

Changing the interior of your office can completely change how you use spaces. You can add partitions, glass partitions, open up areas, and much more. While you may not realise it, the configuration of your office may actually be decreasing your productivity, making your employees depressed and giving your clients the impression that you’re a cold, impersonal company.

It doesn’t always take a major renovation to change this. Sometimes all you need to do is paint the walls, change up the flooring, and add better lighting. Other times you may need to take out some walls to really open up the space and make it look more welcoming and cheery. Talk with your employees, your clients, and an interiors company to decide what needs to be done and what can realistically be done with the space you have.

Look at Your Meeting Rooms

Many employees dread going to meetings, and part of that may be because the meeting area is drab and doesn’t feel inviting at all. You can work with a renovation company to change the feel of the room by replacing the flooring, painting the walls, and adding in some much more comfortable chairs or a better table.