Maintaining Motivation Through Admiration: Mark Thompson

Motivation is a tricky thing. Despite being crucial to the success of any endeavor or enterprise, maintaining a strong level of motivation isn’t exactly a guarantee. We can all relate to motivation-related issues on a personal level, as everyone has gone through a sharp drop in inspiration at one time or another, with a decline in productivity the result.

Some days you simply aren’t motivated at work or at home and you don’t complete all the tasks you know you should be getting done. There’s no clear reason why you’re unmotivated, you just don’t have any real sense of determination.

Now, that’s a rough situation when you’re dealing with a lot of personal responsibilities, but the issue (and essential nature) of motivation is increased ten-fold when applied in a business context. If a company’s entire workforce feels unmotivated, the collective efficiency of all employees would be abysmal.

But unlike in one’s personal life, there is always a clear figure for motivation in the workplace, namely the designated leader. Whether that leader is the CEO, a manager, or simply a team leader, one can always look to a leader for inspiration or motivation. Or, at least, that’s how it should be.

Not all leaders within a company are all that motivating, though, and just like anyone else a leader can go through one of those “rough days” where they don’t have the energy to inspire others. An unmotivated (or uninspiring) leader has a trickle-down effect, however. The head of an operation needs to be motivating, otherwise employees further down the chain of command won’t have an individual they can model themselves after.

Rather than be “motivating,” world-renowned venture investor, motivational speaker, and executive coach Mark Thompson believes business leaders need to be “admired,” but the two terms are more interchangeable than you’d think. Simply put, by being admired a leader is motivating as they embody all of the characteristics an employee would like to see in their chief of command and in themselves.

Having worked with the likes of Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Charles Schwab and acting as a leading board member or investor on such enterprises like Best Buy, Facebook, and Netflix, Mark Thompson knows a thing or two about admirable leaders. And Mark is willing to pass that information on to you.

In two presentations focused on admirable leadership, Mark will outline and showcase the qualities employees look for in their leaders. The first, titled “Most Admired Leadership – Nobody Does it Alone!” delves into information obtained from over 10,000 employees in 110 countries on the topic of leadership. The top eight leadership traits chosen by employees around the world are elucidated in this presentation, with Mark providing factual and anecdotal evidence to back up his findings.

Mark’s second presentation takes the notion of admirability from the leader to the company at-large. Dubbed “Success Built to Last: Growing from Good to Great to ADMIRED,” Mark’s presentation covers the differences between a good, great, and admired company, and the pathways leading to each. Mark also notes the economic benefits of leading an “admired company” and how leaders can maintain that public image.

With Mark’s help, any leader or company will enjoy the benefits of a motivated workplace all through the power of admiration. To learn more, head to Mark’s Sweeney Agency speaker page here.