Do You Think That Air Duct Cleaning Is A DIY Activity or Should You Hire A Professional?

Nowadays, we rely more on conditioned air rather than fresh air. The climatic changes in the outdoor and inclusion of pollution with debris, contaminants force us to use HVAC system that has filters and other equipment providing conditioned air. But this conditioned air is also prone to pollens, molds and other contaminants since you are recirculating the same air. This develops allergic conditions and accumulation of the molds in the long run might damage your electronic equipment.

In order to have good indoor air quality, it is necessary that you check the functioning and performance of your air system regularly. To get this job done, either you hire a professional or do it yourself. The choice has to be made after thorough knowledge and research as this activity is not simple like cleaning of house and alike. The following are the points that will clear you mind to choose between two.

Air Duct Cleaning

  • Knowledge of the equipment:

In case if you want to clean the air ducts for yourself, you have to know the exact working of the system and its parts. The cleaning of ducts includes cleaning of inside ducts, the filters, the grills and diffuser – supply and return, coils etc.

The professional have thorough knowledge and know how to fix the issues when the equipment is opened for cleaning.

  • Tools and machines:

There are specialized tools and machines such industrial vacuum cleaners, heavy duty gloves, chemicals and cleaning agents required to begin the process. You should have all the items handy before beginning the work since half-way work may invite various problems.

You should be aware of the right cleaning agents and chemicals since all the materials are not the same. The professional have sufficient tools and expertise to operate the system.

  • Follow the procedures:

Even if you have knowledge and expertise to do the job yourself, there are certain procedures to be followed to accomplish the job. The professional have checklist and know the job to finish it faster without creating mess.

If the vacuum is done inadequately, it will release more dirt and other contaminants making the air polluted and allergic. Thus the thorough process is required to make your home clean and free from pollution.

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  • Cost escalation:

When you hire the professional, they are aware to-do things. During the maintenance and cleaning, if there is any damage to your system, you can penalize the service provider or ask for repairs / replacement of the parts by incorporating in the terms.

If the same thing happens when you are doing it yourself, you will have to bear the cost of such repairs and replacement.  This means that you are not saving but actually spending more by not hiring a professional.

  • Time & effort:

When you hire a professional service provider, you save time and efforts. This time can be utilized in more productive manner. There are many things to do when you have spare time to spend.

Thus, it better to opt for professional service provider if the cleaning activity is lengthy and complicated. You can use as a starting point since they are experts in this field and have strictly adhered to the rules and terms.