Communication in Diverse Workplace: Some Improvement Tips

Immigrants to the U.S. have always been a significant part of the country’s workforce. Many of these immigrants get the services of Chicago immigration services in order to speed up the immigration process. Contributions of immigrants are growing. These people go to the country with a wealth of expertise and knowledge necessary businesses.

The challenge is to make sure that communication issues do not keep such business benefit sources from being effectively tapped. The following are the steps that company managers when dealing with the challenge.

Communication in Diverse Workplace

Know How the Source Culture Gets Communication Effectively

Managers need to analyze their audiences in order to find the perfect way for communicating a message. Various cultures like to get information and tend to trust information they get from various sources in different ways. For instance, some people from some cultures do not trust information given by a manager and prefer that the message comes instead from a headman, an employee group leader or shop foreman.

Allow International Employees to be Trained Often and Early

A lot of pitfalls of cultural confusion and misunderstand can be prevented with ongoing and early training. Incoming staff members must be taught in ongoing training and orientation sessions about the expectations of the company. The policies and procedures adhered to in the country must be clearly stated. Addressing such area before coming on board will help in avoiding pain on both sides later. It is imperative to accept cultural nuances; however, the existing culture must not be adversely impacted by customizing the appropriate and acceptable behavior by individuals.

Communication in Diverse Workplace

Let the Locals Undergo Training Too

Training programs are necessary to allow employees to understand the company’s mission and the importance of diversity among clients and within the workplace. Also, managers must be taught the existence of acculturation process. They need to know immigrants undergo phases of culture shock.

It is essential for employers to understand that culture shock happens and although there’s little can be done, evidence of understanding is already helpful. Being put in a foreign culture and removed from the previous support network is not easy. Whatever employers can do like showing flexibility with time off and having willingness to offer local contacts and information is helpful in building a great relationship with their people and minimizing the s tress employees are subjected to.

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Assign Mentors and Deal with Spouses

It is a must for managers to understand that the play an important role in helping their new people become a significant contributor, regardless of what country they come from. However, the concern is particularly vital for foreign employees who have different cultural expectations. Utilizing peer groups that includes having an experienced employee to mentor new employees from a different cultural background allows the employees to get used to turning to the peer counselor for the mediation of a situation.

Carefully Practice Open-Door Communication

Remember that employees not used to the business practices in the United States are likely to be reluctant to go to the department head for guidance and advice. The best way for bridging the communication gaps is setting a great example. Don’t wait for the foreign employees to come through the open door, rather go to them. Try to know about their questions and concerns.

Communication in Diverse Workplace

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