“Bringing in” New Clients

The little landscape designs company specific smaller businesses within the inner city. Rather than getting only a couple of bigger clients they made the decision in the beginning to pay attention to the more compact clients.

Their business increased continuously for that first 5 years. Getting many more compact clients gave them a benefit if they became of lose a person they might replace that customer rapidly without having affected the conclusion for lengthy amounts of time. When they had only a couple of bigger clients and lost just one, they’d be seriously affected immediately.

PROBLEM:After several weeks of attempts the gardener was getting nowhere. No telephone calls were came back, letters didn’t have affect. These were stumped. How can you tell someone the advantages of the services you provide when they will not listen?

SOLUTION:The dog owner purchased a small Hewlett packard printer and magnetic stock for less than $100. He designed magnets having a simple logo design and also the words “WE CUT GRASS” together with his telephone number. The ultimate magnets were about two times how big his business card printing.

Magnets were their first thought because they were for their current client’s facilities and every were built with a refrigerator within the lunch area with magnets holding documents towards the doorways.

He printed 100s more than one weekend and cut them in a local printer. The all inclusive costs for that printer, ink, magnetic stock and cutting was under $125.

For the following two days because he drove to his current clients he’d visit his prospects structures and set the magnets on their own mail boxes or over the doorway handle on metal doorways. It had been his last attempt, then when he ended, he simply didn’t remember about this all and returned to business as always.