The sachet packing machine rules the consumer world!

They may be tiny but the world cannot do without them. Sometimes it helps to think small like the sachets that have reached everywhere on flights, in restaurants, and in shops for small doses of coffee, milk, and sugar, besides, much more.  Yeast and ketchup, creams and powders, shampoo and medicines like powders and even tablets come in sachets. The company manufactured sugar sachet packing machine has reached across the world to a hundred countries!

The company offers integrated solutions for packing sachets

  • C3 is a vertical Continuous Motion packing machine that heat-seals four sides.
  • CP is an intermittent-motion vertical machine that makes sachets with heat-sealed four sides.
  • CO is a vertical continuous motion machine, while the Mod. CO 150 is a horizontal intermittent motion machine that packs solids and powders, grains and liquids. The CO series produces dry packs and stand-up packages with heat-sealed three or four sides.

The contemporary world attaches immense significance to the packing and the materials used and sustainable packing is best. As the society grows more health and environment conscious, materials that are biodegradable are preferred, though the world is still ruled by plastics? When will we find natural materials as substitutes for synthetics?

Sugar packaging machines have reached different forms since sugar as something that people cannot do without. Along with air and water, food and medicines, sugar is certainly on the most favored list when it comes to universal consumption in spite of certain harmful effects. Yet sugar must find a universal place, though artificial substitutes have been found, but they require packing too.  Sugar packing machines C3, CS, and DIVA work very fast indeed, contain volumetric fillers and can handle immense productivity requirements.

The C3 sugar sachet packing machine does its job superbly that works electronically and completely so. Operations are managed via a touch screen interface and high precision is achieved. Brushless servomotors guarantee handling operations. The C3 continuous motion machine produces sachets with heat-sealing on four sides. The different versions of the C3 have 1 to 15 lanes and can work with rolls up to 1200 mm. Customization is possible upon request and special versions would be supplied.

The single dose sachet packing machines have advantages like retained fragrance until use, conservation and reducing losses, besides being easily carried. Certain industries like food, pharma, and cosmetics use sachets in plenty.