Marketing to Parents of Young Children

Target marketing is the wisest use of marketing dollars for every company.  If you product or service is designed to fill a need for babies and toddlers, target marketing to the purchasing power, the parents, is your ultimate goal.  Two options exist for companies to target this market. Depending on the size of the company, marketing budget and target market, either hiring a marketing executive or outsourcing to a marketing firm.

When selecting a marketing firm or hiring a marketing executive, keep the following in mind.  Both entities will be charged with defining the scope of the target market, crafting a message and campaign, executing the plan and measuring the success.  All of this will need to be completed within a predefined budget.

When marketing products and servicing to parents of young children, safety, value and design are key components that will resonate with this demographic.  Whether it’s baby clothes, toys, health products or learning products, the marketing message needs to clearly convey the value and benefits for children and toddlers.  Parents can are very discretionary with their spending.

An online marketing campaign using social media and crisp websites will have the biggest impact using the least amount of marketing dollars.  The overwhelming majority of young parents use social media for both personal contact and shopping recommendations.  This demographic is also lured with rewards, contests and loyalty campaigns. Crafting a marketing campaign to take advantage of the power of social media is key.

Whether working with an agency or hiring a marketing executive, all marketing campaigns need to be carefully crafted to target a specific market and clearly define the benefits and value of the product or service.  It’s become more and more relevant to define measurement metrics on the outcome and success of a campaign prior to launching.  Where the dollars spent wisely?  What was the ultimate customer acquisition cost?  Each of these items needs to be addressed before continuing with a second campaign. Marketing dollars are limited and must be used wisely.