4 Basics of Online Marketing to Remember

Online marketing is becoming the main way to market to those who you are trying to reach. Businesses who do not have a devoted online marketing plan are going to be losing out on potential customers in high numbers. With this being said, there are a few basics of online marketing that every business and marketer needs to remember. Even seasoned professionals often need to be reminded of the basics.

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  • Social Media is a Must Have!

This basic online marketing tool cannot be overemphasised. Many businesses have the mindset that social media is for nothing more than keeping in touch with people, however, it can be a fantastic marketing tool when used appropriately. This can be utilised as an advertising platform to potential customers, a way to connect with other businesses allowing for contacts to be created which could become beneficial, and is a great outlet for customer service and developing relationships with current consumers. In most cases, profiles are free to setup, so a business is really losing nothing by joining these platforms.

  • Utilising the Analytic Tools at your Disposal

Not every marketing campaign is going to work for every business out there. That is why it is essential to utilise the analytical tools that are out there. For example, Google Analytics have become invaluable in finding information about what customers are buying, what they are searching and the like to better capture an idea of who your customer is. Through knowing who your customer is, and their interests, you can cater your online marketing plan to these people.

Analytic Tools at your Disposal

  • Develop your Current Customers

When businesses think of advertising online/marketing online, they immediately think of developing new customers and relationships. Ultimately, this is the goal. However, online marketing should be the basis for curating a better relationship with your current customers. What does this mean? It means that this is your chance to upsell a current customer, and to cement this relationship.

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  • SEO is Reigning King Online

Online marketing basics would not be complete without mentioning SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This type of optimisation is how your website is ranked by Google, thus found by those who may be searching for what your business offers. A helpful tint to those who are working on developing SEO, remember that the first step is to identify your brand in your location. Thus, using geographic keywords can be helpful. As you grow, these keywords become more in-depth and aim to reach a wider audience.

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Developing an online marketing plan can be difficult. That is why several businesses turn to a professional for help. A professional, such as Encendo, can help with setting up profiles via social media, help with analysing analytical tools, and also with other aspects of online marketing. What you can be certain about is that your business cannot consider itself a marketing success, unless online marketing is a part of this plan.